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I'm an illustrator, horticulturalist and social media content creator originally from the Netherlands and Germany now living in Scotland. 


Currently I study Horticulture with Plantsmanship and Botanical Illustration in Edinburgh. I'm also doing a Permaculture Design Certificate. 

The natural world plays an important part in my art and spiritual practice. Through sharing my nature journals and botanical drawings I hope to show that the small things in life can bring great joy. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for plants and fungi. 


My interest in permaculture developed through a love for nature and a concern about many common harmful horticultural practices. Throughout my degree I thought there must be a better way to grow and design gardens, which naturally led to me to a permaculture design course.

I'm particularly interested in growing food and gardening in the city and am involved with several local growing projects.

Collaboration with Burts Bees

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