Hello, my name is Johanna. 


Currently, I'm based in Edinburgh studying Horticulture and Botanical Illustration.​

I'm interested in entomolgy, herbology, permaculture, illustration and nature connection. 


I'm fond of capturing moments on camera- whether that’s through filming or photographing. It’s so beautiful to be able to capture a snippet of your life, it makes it easier to hold onto a feeling or memory.

I love insects and forests with large tall pine trees, spooky looking old oak trees and dappled sunlight.

Autumn is probably my favourite season especially because of all the fungi; their diversity is just fascinating to me and I find myself illustrating them quite often. There’s just something really special about mushrooms. Some of my best memories are of cold autumn days spent searching for mushrooms in orange-yellow-red coloured forests with some amazingly knowledgeable people capable of identifying mushrooms in under a minute or so!

I’m interested in moths, butterflies and their metamorphosis. In my studies, I’m trying to learn about their ecological significance and plants that are important for their existence.


Collaboration with Burts Bees

© Johanna Koen