What is Nature Journaling?

Recording your observations of nature in your way- you can use it study nature, to reflect on things you’ve seen in nature or to create anything inspired by nature.


There are many ways to nature journal and you can choose whatever way feels right for you! 

Grow your thoughts, observations, experiences and ideas.


Why nature journal? 

You’ll gain observation skills and a better understanding of nature around you. There is always something to explore. You’ll become a better observer, artist and naturalist if you chose to journal regularly.

It is a way to connect to nature in a more personal way. 

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I feel a bit overwhelmed can I get more guidance?

Structure your journal pages if you’re having difficulties. You could record the same things in different places or record the same place on different days! Maybe you could focus on something in particular like insects, flowers, birds or leaves? Try capturing things in a way that comes naturally. Are you more of a writer or a photographer? Do you prefer sketching or painting? Do you want a scientific notebook or an artsy notebook? Maybe a little bit of all? There is no right or wrong, just go for it

Do I have to live in the countryside to journal?


No not at all! Field trips to the countryside are a lovely way to explore nature and often provide a lot of inspiration but nature can be found in a close by park, your own garden or all over the city hidden in plain sight. 

Anything you consider worth recording: the weather, sounds, plants, colours, shapes, animals, your own thoughts and feelings about things around you. There are no limits!