Simple Nettle Bread Recipe

Nettle is a delicious, magical plant. Medicinally it enhances immunity and protects from infections. It is said to help with hay fever if taken regularly as a tea and it is high in vitamins and nutrients, especially iron!

It is a food, a medicine, a plant you can count on- a sign of spring and nourishment.

Here I'll share a simple recipe: how to include nettle in your baking.

Use these as simple guidelines, adapt the recipe to what's available to you and your personal preferences. 

What you'll need

- 600g flour (I mixed rye and strong white)

- 400ml lukewarm water

- a spoon of fresh yeast

- 100ml of any oil you prefer

- teaspoon of salt

- teaspoon of sugar

- nuts (I used walnuts)

- nettle leaves

Mix the flour, a pinch of salt, oil, water, yeast, sugar and lukewarm water in a bowl. Mix it with your hands and then add a few nuts to your liking. Kneed for about 10-15 minutes. Cover with a damp towel and leave it to rise for about an hour.

Boil the nettle leaves for 2-5 minutes. Dry them with a towel and kneed them into the bread dough. You can put some leaves on top and gently drizzle with oil and extra salt.

Leave the bread to rise once more until doubled in size, then bake for 30-50min at 200-250°C. Enjoy!

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